Winter warm, sleek and stylish - a guide to hosiery for work for Autumn / Winter season

Before you buy opaque tights you need to think about the following : the colour, the texture, patterned or neutral, shiny or matte, the fibres and the denier.

Classic black

Black opaque tights are a stylish and easy way of keeping your legs warm.

If you're wearing a black dress then by wearing black tights you are visually unifying your body with your legs. This illusion can lengthen your legs as visually you can't see where your legs end and your body begins!

A pair of bold black tights worn in contrast to a dress in one bold colour can look striking.

Matte or shiny?

If you are wearing a matte dress then shiny tights can be a nice contrast, especially for an evening outfit.

Matte tights can blend with an outfit. A highly patterned skirt works well with matte tights because shiny tights can compete for attention with the skirt.

Thinking colour?

Coloured tights can be a bold statement of contrast or be blended into the look.

Think carefully about the image you are trying to portray when wearing coloured tights as it can be easy to go wrong.

Different ways to pick a pair of coloured tights:

  • Wear a patterned outfit. Pick one colour from the pattern and match it with your tights colour.
  • Wear a dress in one colour and wear tights in a similar tone i.e. a dark damson purple dress with pinky purple tights.
  • Choose tights in a complimentary colour to your dress i.e. orange dress and navy tights (see complimentary colours section).
  • Last but not least a black dress with a bright pair of coloured tights can look very striking.

Fancy Pattern?

There are some nice patterned opaque tights out there. You can get all sorts of lovely designs. Be aware of dress codes for your work place before you wear some to work!

You can get low denier patterned tights which have a more sophisticated feel. Perhaps these might be better suited to the work environment


There are various different tights with raised texture designs. A pair of thick high denier cable knit tights can look great with some knee highs and a casual outfit. A mid-denier pair of textured tights could give your office skirt suit a bit of warmth and a personal touch.

What denier?

The higher the number the higher the thickness of the yarn. This means as the denier number tights become denser and you can see your legs less and less.

100 denier plus

100 denier plus tights give great coverage all over. They are great in winter and as an alternative for leggings. Because of their all over coverage the colour is bold and intense.

70, 80 and 90 denier

For a nice durable bold pair of tights for an outdoor winter party you'll want this level of denier. Because they are still relatively fine at these denier levels you will still feel a bit more glamorous and eveningy!

50-69 denier

The mid-weight denier tights are nice for spring and the start of Autumn. You get good leg coverage and they take the chill out of wearing a skirt when the weather is changeable.

30-40 denier

30-40 denier can be sometimes called semi-opaque as your legs will remain visible.

From 30 denier upwards you get more coverage and hosiery is less fragile so less prone to snagging.

Have you considered the fibre content?

The type and quantity of fibre in the tights have an impact on the hosiery. Fibres such as wool and cashmere are known for their warmth and softness. You can easily feel the difference between a pair of cotton tights and a pair of wool tights. Cotton tights will feel a bit stiffer and lack softness whereas wool has a natural stretch and softness.

When you wear cotton tights you get the benefit of cottons natural cooling abilities. Natural fibres like wool, cashmere and cotton have great qualities such as breathability - there's nothing worse than sweating in tights!

Here is a range of plain opaque tights to choose from in the various deniers. Many of them come with an option of different colours.

Shine Tights

  • 50 Denier - Satin Opaque 50, £22, Soft knitted waistband, Smooth and sheen, Cotton gusset, Wide range of colours, Nylon, elastane and 1% cotton
  • 50 Denier Satin Opaque £7.50, Smooth, Satin finish, 4 colours, 90% Polyamide, 9% Lycra, 1% Cotton
Falke (tights)
  • 40 Denier - Pure Shine 40, £17.00, Sheer to waist brief, Gusset, Shadow Toe, Shiny Finish, Smooth to touch, Semi-opaque, Moisture absorbent technology - keep fresh, 5 colours, 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane

Support Tights

  • 70 Denier Killer Figure Opaque Control Tights, £8.50, Matte finish, Sheer toe, Boxer brief and cotton gusset, Medium control level - lift bums, flattening tums and toning thighs
  • 40 Denier Killer Figure Emana Control Tights, £9.95, Low-medium control level, Boxer brief, Gusset, Sheer toe, Matte finish, Reduces cellulite, Black, 11% improvement on cellulite signs and a 8% increase in skin elasticity

Flat Seam

  • 40 Denier, Flat seam Microfibre Opaque tights, £12, Soft microfiber yarns - soft and velvet like touch, Deep comfort waistband, Sheer opaque to waist, Flat seamed, Cotton gusset, 6 colours, 87% nylon, 12% elastane, 1% cotton
  • 60 Denier Velveteen Opaque Tights, £6.74, Reinforced toe, cotton gusset, matte finish
  • 100 Denier Cashmere blend tights, £25, Sheer opaque to waist, Flat seamed, Deep waistband, 3 colours (black, chocolate, grey), 75% viscose, 15% nylon, 8% cashmere wool, 2% elastane
  • 80 Denier Microfibre Opaque tights £18, Smooth microfiber yarns, Sheer opaque to waist, Flat seamed, cotton gusset, 6 colours, 94% nylon, 5% elastane, 1% cotton
  • 100 Denier - Pure Matt 100, £24, Features flat seam, comfort waistband, fine soft seam toes, Gusset net structure, Comes in 10 colours including greens, blues, grey, browns and black
  • 120 Denier Cotton Sheen Tights, £16, Velvet like touch and cotton sheen, Deep comfort waistband, Sheer opaque to waist, Flat seamed, Cotton gusset, 4 colours


  • 50 Denier- Sensation 50 Seamless tights £30, No seams - great underneath close fitting garments, Floral decorative lace waistband, Matt look
  • 50 Denier - Fatal 50, £24, Completely seamless (even in the panty) - great under close fitting dresses, No visible lines, Wide sewn on waistband, Can be worn on hips or waist, Velvety soft, 4 colours - mocca, black, dark grey and nearly black

Leg Support

  • 50 Denier - Individual 50 leg support, £26, Luxury on the skin, Distributed invisible leg support - energises and lightens legs all day, Stimulates circulation, Soft knit waistband, Cotton gusset, 4 colours- mocca, black, dark grey and nearly black
  • 60 Denier - Opaque Bum, Tum and Thigh Toner Tights, £12.50, Give you a great shape - smooth away lumps and bumps, Low leg brief, Velvety soft, Medium control shaping to the tummy, waist and bottom, Legs knitted in factor 8-graduated compression - legs rejuvenated all day, 87% nylon/12% elastane/1% cotton
  • 100 Denier - Leg Support Tights, £39, Matt look, Compression knitting technology to prevent legs tiring quickly, Stimulate blood flow - prevent swelling and tiring, Extra wide soft knit waistband, Knitted-in shaped heel, Cotton gusset, 7 colours - including brights and black, brown and dark grey

Matte Tights

  • 50 Denier - Pure Matt 50 £16, Matte finish, Sandal toe, Sheer to waist brief, Cotton gusset, Super soft feel, 4 colours, 89% polyamide, 10% elastane, 1% cotton
  • 50 Denier - Velvet de luxe 50, £22, Velvety soft smooth matt look, excellent stretch Soft knit waistband, Range of colours
  • 60 Denier - Velvet de luxe 66, £22, , Nylon and elastane gentle wash on 30 degrees, Opaque, velvety and soft matt, smooth, Soft comfortable waistband, A wide range of colours including black, brown, navy and grey are available on their website
  • 60 Denier £6.00, Matt finish, soft and warm, A wide range of colours, 89% nylon/10% lycra/1% cotton
  • 80 Denier - Mat opaque 80, £26, Matt look, Warm and gentle on skin Soft, comfortable waistband, Cotton gusset, Includes 1% cotton
  • 100 Denier - Pure Mat 100, £24, Features flat seam, Comfort waistband, Fine soft seam toes, Gusset net structure, Comes in 10 colours including greens, blues, grey, browns and black