A Guide to choosing the right bra for you

Bad fitting bra's can ruin your posture, confidence and the look of your clothing.

  • Get fitted for bra's every 6 months - bodies fluctuate; weight changes and age can affect the bust.
  • Always fit a bra on the first hooks - your bra will stretch with time and you need to be able to make the bra smaller (by working inwards along the hooks).
  • Always ask a sales assistant regarding sizing of a lingerie brand that you haven't worn before. As with clothing, lingerie can be cut differently and the sizing can vary from brand to brand and from style to style.
  • Try on a couple of bra sizes: Take into the fitting room a smaller back size and a larger cups size - for instance you want to try a 34B also take into the fitting room a 32C. You then can assess the fit of both sizes. (This is worth trying if you are purchasing underwear unassisted in the period between fittings)

Some Top Fitting Tips from online experts:

Susannah Perez

Demonstrating where women go wrong with bras in some great pictures and with fabulously direct advice on what to do about it.

Simply Be


Susan Nethero

TOP TIP "If you have the dreaded back fat, you probably think your bra is too tight, but you're wrong - your bra is too big. Wearing the bra lower on your back with a smaller band size will completely eliminate the back fat."


In general always go for skin tone or black. Don't buy white as an alternative to skin tone (it won't look the same).


For close fitting clothes go for seamless lingerie - avoid decoration such as bows or lace. Don't purchase or wear knickers/panties that are too small - this can be very uncomfortable and you can see the cut lines through garments.

Bra Styles

Full Cup Bras: Full coverage of the bust - giving shape and support. Great for big-busted ladies but not to be worn with low cut tops.

Balconette or Balcony Bra: Lower at the front but the top of the bra cups can look straight across the bust (like a balcony!).

Minimiser bra: Used to minimise the bust size by distributing the breast tissue. Useful for decreasing the bust for a top that may be just a little snug across the bust.

Plunge bra or push-up: Designed to give uplift and cleavage. The low centre of the bra means you can wear a variety of low cut tops.

Padded bra: Used to enhance your shape if you want to increase your bust size.

Multiway bra: A bra designed to go under a multitude of top styles. The straps can often be changed into various positions to create a racer back, halter neck or cross back style.

Strapless Bra: A bra designed to be worn with strapless dresses. Make sure the bra fits well to give adequate support. Often a strapless bra will come with detachable straps to give you more variety of use.

Seamless bra: (or T-shirt bra): Often has moulded cups, designed for a smooth look under close fitting clothes.

Bright Ideas - make seamless transitions between outfits with this type of bra.

Sports bra: To be worn when doing sports, gym and fitness classes. The bra is designed to minimise the bust movement. They come in a variety of support levels - pick yours for the level of intensity of the sport you do.

Underwired bra: Underwire is two pieces of covered wire curving under the bust. Underwire helps support the bust and create shape.

Non-wired bra: This type of bra provides shape and support from the bra's structured cups.