'In Space' Pop-Up Boutique Columbia Road

5th - 17th November 2013, London

A great prospect arose for another pop up shop. We decided to share the space with some other businesses to create a unique and different shop. I came up with the name InSpace and so the store was born!

The 'In Space' shop collaboration was: Kerry O'Brine Womens Wear, Bruno + Bean, London Mummy and The Indian Bicycle Shop.

We got to the shop on the Monday and started setting up - trying to figure out how to incorporate all the different brands and products into a coherent space!

We aimed to make the corners of the shop look inviting with some sparkley lights!

We added some words in the window to let everyone know about us!

The combination of products made the shop look really dynamic and eye catching. It was a careful balance not to overload the space with too much product so it became overwhelming to the eye!

We also tried to combine products together so it created an overall shop versus a series of separate stalls. In this picture you can see that one of my rails is more situated to the back of the shop. The coral was a real focal point through the window into the shop.

You can find Bruno + Bean Indian Bicycle Shop and London Mummy online.