Pop-Up Boutique Farringdon - 6 Days of Fashion Fun!

4th - 9th March 2013, Craft Central

DAY ONE was a crazy day of packing the van, driving to Craft Central and then unpacking.As soon as the clothng rails were laid out and the fitting room went up it really began to feel like a boutique.
I then had to merchandise the clothing and add the finishing touches like the fitting room rug and dress the mannequins, the list goes on!
I'd made the decision to have a preview evening on the first night and as soon as the entire boutique was laid out the food and drink started arriving and it was all Go Go Go on the catering side!
The evening started the week off well and everyone was so busy that we forgot to take many pictures!
The weather turned cold and the mannequin was dressed up warmly in the wool cashmere coat.
Decorated with pretty benches to rest fashion weary feet!
Fashion illustrations and photoshoot images added a great finishing touch to the space.
We had a well decorated window with my lovely old sewing machine and some paper flowers made from pattern cutting paper ( dot and cross to those in the know!).