Garment Care

If your item is made of silk:

Most probably it will need to be dry cleaned. Choose a reputable dry cleaners who know how to handle delicate fibres such as silk. Try companies such as Purple Label or Jeeves of Belgravia who can collect and deliver to your home or place of work.

If your dress or top is stretchy:

A stretchy dress requires a special hanger. If you put a stretchy jersey dress on the wrong hanger then you will end up with out of shape shoulders and a dent sticking up out of the shoulders.

The type of hangers you need are bendy and non slip. These knitwear hangers at Total Wardrobe Care are great.

bendy knitwear hangers

If you get a stain on a silk, wool or linen item:

Don't rub stains - instead blot. You could remove the dye by rubbing. Wool items can also get pile damage.

Don't dab water onto a stain. This can set in a greasy stain - there is nothing worse than dabbing a chocolate stain on a white silk blouse with water! Dry cleaning won't get rid of the watermark left.

Don't forget to tell the dry cleaner what the stain is and what you have tried to remove it with.

General stains:

Always treat stains immediately. If your item is dry clean only, take it straight to the dry cleaners. If it is hand or machine wash use a product like Stain Devils to treat it. Older stains do not come out so well.

If you have managed to blot out a stain such as lemonade or champagne and they appear to have disappeared - do not be fooled. The sugar will still be there on your garment and if you leave it then a yellow or brown stain will appear over time.

If you get a stain on a garment that is hand or machine washable make sure you treat the stain immediately. When you use stain removers such as Stain Devil - they are more effective.

Keeping the moths away:

Moths love dirty clothes - so don't forget to get things dry cleaned or washed before storing. Keep an anti moth ball or sachet in your wardrobe or chest of drawers. egg bearing clothes mothLavender or Colibri are both natural repellents. A place for does some great cedar rings and hang ups to hook over your coat hangers. Cedar is great for protection against moths, mildew and odours. I love lavender cushions and have them hanging on the dress hangers.


A half cover or bag that covers the shoulders of an item prevents dust settling on the item but also allows air to circulate. The Holding Company have some nice breathable suit and dress bags if you want a full bag.

Pressing a silk item

If you need to press/iron a silk garment only iron from the back of the garment. Don't have the iron too hot: like human hair silk is a protein and too hot a heat will damage it. Squirting water onto silk will cause damage. Putting a cotton cloth between the iron and the silk garment can help as you press.

Steaming a silk item

Steam is quite good at removing creases - hang the garment in the bathroom when you have a shower of bath. The steam from the hot water should do the job. Be careful not to splash the fabric. If you have a steam iron, the steam from this can also get the creases out. Just be sure your iron doesn't splurt water sometimes!