FAQ's - Why buy Kerry O'Brine designer garments?

Why does it take so long for me to receive my dress after ordering?

We make your dress from your order online. Each dress is made to meet your needs — we wouldn't want to pre-empt what it is you desire.

We say ten working days from order to sending out, if we can make and get you your dress quicker we will. Sometimes you'll be in a dress queue and other times we will be waiting for fabric to come in; we allow ten working days for these eventualities.

We ensure each piece is cut, sew together and finished to the best of our ability in the studio — each dress is carefully and beautifully made.

Why are the Silk Line dresses dry clean only?

Silk fabric remains at it's best when dry cleaned. The quality, finish and structure of the fabric stay beautiful when dry cleaned. If you have your dress dyed and made in a specific colour having the dress dry cleaned is the only guarantee that the hand dyed colour will remain the same.

Do you have machine washable clothing?

Currently we don't have any machine washable garments but be the first to know of the upcoming changes via our newsletter...... lots of news coming up!

Does the silk jersey crush easily or travel well?

Yes if you are brutal with it!! Generally there is the chance it will crush/crinkle a little - but it is not easily crushable like linen and the nature of jersey fabric means the creases do drop out. When wearing the silk jersey dresses for long periods you might find a mild amount of creasing around the seat area or back of legs area of the dress.

When traveling we have found the best way to transport the dresses if you don't want to use a garment bag is to carefully roll them up. Rolling stops fold lines and creases forming on the dress.

If you choose to use a garment bag — don't forget to check that the length is adequate for your dress. If the bag is slightly too short for the dress you will find the hem will get a bit crushed but actually this usually drops out when hung and when you wear the dress.

I don't like dry cleaning all the time — is there anything you can suggest?

We are currently trialling a product that you can put in the tumble dryer with your dry cleanable clothing. Stay posted via our newsletters!

What is the best way to store my silk jersey dress?

Always hang you dress up when you take it off for the day. Leaving it laying in a heap is a sure-fire way of making it creased.

Hang your dress on padded hangers or hangers specifically designed for stretch/jersey/knitwear. Great hangers have a rubberised finish which holds the pieces onto the hanger and they also bend (ensuring no indentations are left in the shoulders of the pieces).

Where are your garments made?

We make all the dresses in our UK studio. We purchase the fabrics through various agents. The silk jersey comes from France.

Do you get static with your clothing?

Some people do and some people don't get static. It is not a sign of a cheap fabric or a bad garment. Some people are more electric than others and a friction is created between you and the fabric.

The easiest way to stop static is to spray yourself and the inside of the garment before you put it on with ant-static spray. Wait till the spray has settled and dried (give it a minute) and then put your dress on.

How can I change the length of one of your silk jersey dresses?

Because of the nature of silk jersey we don't like to change a dress once it is made: for example undoing stitching can result in the jersey laddering.

We can't make a dress longer once it has been made — because there is no hem to let down.

We can make a dress shorter — this would need to be substantially shorter (min 5cm) than the finished edge of the dress because we will cut off the current hem and turn up a new one.

What we do offer is our Personal Changes when ordering a dress. This includes a hem length change and is non-returnable (but we will do our best to make sure we can help if there is a problem). To work out the dress length you require measure from the nape of your neck, down the centre front of your body, to where your want the hem of the dress to end. We will try and make the dress as exact to that length as possible.

How and where do you dye the fabrics?

The dyed to order silk jersey is dyed in a London dye and print studio. Each length of fabric is hand dyed to your colour.

What is a dye batch?

Dye is made up in a vat or big metal bucket! All the fabric dyed in that colour at that time will come out the same colour and this is called a batch. When the dye is mixed again — it is never exactly the same — even if machines are doing it! So, another day, another vat and another length of fabric is another dye batch; the colour will be very slightly different (you'd have to get out a magnifying glass to see it!)


What is a French seam?

Some fabrics if left unfinished inside a garment will fray away. This means the seams (join lines) of your garments would come apart. To prevent this, over the years people have come up with various methods and finishes to prevent/hold this off from happening.

Rather than just edging our beautiful silk crepe de chine fabric with stitching (which isn't very attractive on such a delicate fabric) we finish our pieces with French seams. French seams are basically like creating a seam twice and you capture the raw (fray-able) edges inside the second seam. It is more time consuming but worth it.

Do you retail or are stocked anywhere else?

We don't have a permanent retail outlet or stock in any brick and mortar store. We like to create special events and pop up shops where you can meet us and try on samples.

In the pipeline is a party package and one to one fittings in your home or office (register for our newsletter to be the first in the know!)

What is your delivery and returns policy?

Our delivery and returns is free. We arrange for recorded delivery of your items when they are ready to send, notify you they are on their way. Within 7 days of receiving our items we need notification that you intend to return the items. We will arrange a pick up as quickly as possible at a convenient time for you.

For full details please head to our delivery or returns pages.